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Synthwave Bundle

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This bundle contains...

Step into the Neon Era with Loop Cult's Synthwave Bundle: Transport yourself to the electric heart of the '80s and '90s with this unparalleled collection. Featuring four distinctive sample packs, two immersive Ableton Live project files, and dynamic Ableton Live racks, this bundle is designed to ignite your creativity. For those drawn to darker, more modern retrowave vibes, the Maze & Inertia sound packs offer an array of tools to craft your unique soundscape. Perfect for conjuring the essence of neon-drenched cityscapes and futuristic nostalgia, this Synthwave Bundle is more than a collection—it's your ticket to a retro-futuristic sound journey.

Reboot - Synthwave Sample Pack

REBOOT arms you with high-quality one-shot samples and versatile MIDI files, turning your production process into a creative odyssey. From the atmospheric echoes of cyberpunk to the vibrant pulse of arcade nostalgia, REBOOT delivers a synthwave experience that's as rich in nostalgia as it is in forward-thinking dynamics.

Product Breakdown

14 Atmo Loops 24 Bass Loops 25 Bass One Shots 25 Drum Loops 15 Fxs 25 Hats 25 Kicks 25 Melodic Combi Loops 25 MIDI Files 19 Percs 2 Shakers 3 Tambs 6 Toms 25 Snares 25 Kick & Snare Loops 25 Synth Loops 25 Synth One Shots 25 Top Loops

Exilus - Synthwave Sample Pack

Exilus takes it’s inspiration straight from 80s and early 90s soundtracks and reboots them using ultra modern production techniques. To achieve this this warm and rich sound we used extremely flexible Cobalt8 virtual-analogue synthesiser for all melodic parts.

'Exilus' Comes With Ableton Pack
We have also included a synthwave project file for Ableton Live 11, Ableton Live Drum Rack and 10 Ableton Live Drum Kits.

Product Breakdown

Drum Loops 23 Drum Fx Loops 10 Hihat Loops 19 Top Loops 22 Drum Fills 9 Claps 11 Hats 20 Kicks 21 Open Hats 20 Percussion 11 Toms 11 Snares 20 Fxs 10 Bass Loops 29 Bass One Shots 20 Music Loops 29 Synth Loops 48 Synth One Shots 29 Ableton Live Project File 11 Ableton Live Drum Rack Ableton Live Drum Kits 10 Drum Kits 10

Inertia - Retrowave Sample Pack

INERTIA by Loop Cult is a sample collection that isn’t easy to pin down genre-wise, but is just as easy to recognize for its dreary air and dark, viscous grooves.
Inspired by the sound of Lorn, it is nicely fit for making various styles of the Dark Electronica spectrum, and offers a rich option for pretty much anything you might need in crafting those.

Ableton Live Project File

Ableton Instruments Included

Ableton Live 10 Bass

Ableton Live 10 Keys

Ableton Live 10 Lead

Ableton Live 10 Synth

16 Pad Ableton Live 10 Drum Rack

MIDI Files

Product Breakdown

Drum Loops (inc. variations) 20 Processed Drum Loops 14 Percussion Loops 7 Top Loops (inc. variations) 18 Claps 8 Cymbals 3 Hats 17 Kicks 22 Open Hihats 13 Percussion Hits 39 Snares 21 Atmo Loops 23 Bass Loops 22 Music Stack Loops 33 Synth Loops 44 Downlifter Fx Loops 10 Impact Fx Loops 14 Misc Fx Loops 17 Riser Fx Loops 14 Bonus Ableton Live 10 Project File Bonus Ableton Live 10 16 Pad Rack (for finger drumming) Bonus Ableton Live 10 Bass Bonus Ableton Live 10 Keys Bonus Ableton Live 10 Lead Bonus Ableton Live 10 Synth Bonus MIDI Files Bonus 22 Samples

Maze - Retrowave Sample Pack

Spanning a variety of styles and tempos, MAZE embodies an extensive range of sounds aimed to breathe murky neon-lit mist into your tunes, making their sound unnervingly mysterious and full of flair; inspired by the clash between the technological age and the ever-drifting human soul, MAZE brings the two together, resulting in a cyborg-like mixture of moods and styles, ranging from dark and foreboding Bladerunner vibes to heavy-paced Industrial machine steps; and going even further, you’ve got the blissful and nostalgic side that never fails to remember its purely synthetic core.

Product Breakdown

Full Drum Loops (incl. variations) 27 Drum Fx Loops 19 Hat Loops (incl. variations) 18 Claps 10 Cymbals 5 Hats 15 Kicks 16 Open Hats 6 Percussion 4 Snares 9 Bass Loops (incl. variations) 28 Bass One Shots 10 Melodic Loops (incl. variations) 70 Resampled Melodic Loops 21 Song Starters (incl. variations) 33 Synth One Shots 23 Fx Loops 7 Fx One Shots

BONUS Future - Synthwave Sample Pack

FUTURE Synthwave Sample Pack gives you a nice chance to bask in warm and enchanting lights of authentic 80’s analogue sound, all the while boasting cutting-edge production and crisp 21st-century edge.

Product Breakdown

Bass Loops 10 Drum Fill Loops 12 Full Drum Loops 10 Synth Loops 34 Vox Loops 12 Cymbals 10 Hats 20 Kicks 16 Percussion Hits 20 Snares

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